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Old World American Bulldogs

Old World Bulldogs
Upcoming Breedings


OWB's Grim Reaper of Rayer




We have bred OWB's Grim to OWB's Hannah Bull this February "05"

This breeding will produce thick, heavy boned bulldogs without sacrificing any working ability.

Grim is a solid 95 lbs., super driven male with a
rear end as thick as his front end.

Hannah weighs in at 87 lbs. conformationally correct.  She has a great temperament, a good working dog.

This breeding will be a nice, tight, heavy line bred DOZER X RUBY top and bottom.
(5x MGK's Bam Bam x Tulsa or Katie Mae in the first
4 generations.)

We strive to produce high drive bulldogs with a strong ability to work, maintaining the true bulldog attributes.




Old World Bulldogs® is registered with the American Bulldog Association